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of Conversational Marketing

AI Conversational Marketing Software Platform

Harnessing the power of Conversational AI
to Re-innovate Display Advertisements

For decades, online Display Ads have been limited to a one-way form of communication. Now, with ConvoAds, they can engage in a two-way conversation- giving people a voice in the advertising process, while having a fun experience and gaining valuable user insight and information, all at the same time.

Making Display Ads Fun

With our Conversational Advertisements, people can interact with Display Ads and have an enjoyable experience with your Brand.


Giving People a Voice

For decades, Display Ads have been a one-way form of communication; we are changing that.

Providing Brands with Real Feedback

Now that you can talk to a Brand through an Advertisement, insights and data can be used for learning- and product improvement.

Turning Conversations into Conversions

Our dynamic software lets ad agencies and in-house marketing teams build interactive “conversational campaigns” for their clients. These ad and marketing campaigns focus on turning conversations into conversions, via AI chat integrated ads and landing pages. Audiences love the opportunity to speak their voice and have a personalized EXPERIENCE. Utilizing our CX focused campaigns help bring in higher engagement, higher conversion rates and tons of insightful data for marketing teams.

"Companies using Conversational Ads have seen up to an 87 percent lift in engagement compared to its traditional click-through ads"

– Digiday

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What is Smart Convos?

What is Smart Convos?

At Smart Convos, we are working to create AI solutions for businesses. We have dedicated ourselves to creating products that start a conversation with your customers, increase engagement, and make those customers happy. You could say that we are crazy for...

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