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Get More Feedback than ever with a Chatbot

Get More Feedback than ever with a Chatbot

Get More Feedback than ever with a Chatbot

As the AI and Chatbot industry is growing, more and more companies are looking for new ways to interact with their customers. Here at Smart Convos in Atlanta, we are working hard to develop high quality Chatbots that expand any business’s reach in marketing and advertising.

We believe one of the main benefits to using Chatbots is feedback. This particular tech is wonderful for getting valuable feedback in a variety of ways. Below we share a few key scenarios where you can get more feedback with the help of this technology.

Customers Provide More Details Through Chat

In August of 2017, Forbes launched a Chatbot through Facebook Messenger with the hopes of delivering daily content to those who got the bot. The campaign that Forbes ran was a huge success-mostly in part of the users involvement.

In order for users to get quality content through the bot, users needed to engage with them. This means that you would enter in the chat what sort of topics you’d like to read. From that, the bot tailored the articles it presented.

What’s also important about these bots is- again- how they present the information. Because the bots engage more like you are having a conversation, many people are more willing to share information with them. This in turn ensures the bot responds quickly with what the user is looking for.

Quality Customer Feedback

We all know that mobile is on the rise when it comes to browsing on the internet and checking apps. With over 60 percent of searches done through mobile, it’s clear mobile is where a lot of people are going and marketers should be paying attention to that as well.

But with this information we can use mobile to our advantage as respondents are more likely to respond to surveys that are done through mobile rather than are web-based.

When testing two groups of users who answered a survey, the results were as follows:Chatbot Atlanta

  • One group was tasked with answering a web-based survey. Among the mobile users, 35% responded through that.
  • The other group was tasked with answer through a bot. Among mobile users, 76% responded that way.

So how does this feed into quality customer feedback?

Being that mobile is more popular, texting and keyboard interfaces are now the main channel of digital communication. It’s the easiest and fastest choice of users wanting quick response to their needs. Therefore using chat will make their experience more enjoyable.

In fact with that survey (above) that was conducted, the users who chatted with a bot had a better experience than those who went through a web-based survey.

When people are more comfortable, they tend to engage longer. By customers engaging in chat longer, they will provide more information. Your data received from users is no longer restricted to X number of fields in a form. Having a simple 2-3 minute conversation with a customer can tell you how their day is, how they found you, why they are visiting your site, what they think of your product- and so much more. All these things are valuable pieces of information you can use to better know what your customer needs and who your customer is.

Extracting Data

With our technology, every transcript of your bot and customer’s conversation is stored in a database, as well as sent to you or your sales team. This data can be filtered and used to find out things like “What was the most asked question?”, “What product are people looking for?”, “How did they find me?”, and even “Did they enjoy this experience?”.  All of this invaluable information, given freely through fluid AI powered conversation.


With AI advertising, marketing is taking a more conversational approach and this is proving to be quite useful. We can see this already as businesses…

  • Are extracting more in depth information from their customers;
  • Their customers are enjoying the experience and are willing to engage; and
  • Businesses are more equipped to handle consumer demands thanks to AI advertisement.

Chatbots are growing, so it’s time to put them to work for you!