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6 Ways Conversational AI Increases Engagement

6 Ways Conversational AI Increases Engagement

Increasingly, the world we live in revolves around the internet. People are becoming more familiar with its use, and things that used to excite us are now seen as standard. You can stream videos from your phone rather than waiting hours for a download. Emojis have gone from 🙂 to having personalities, genders, and more. As the amount of sophistication on the internet increases, it’s become more difficult to engage an audience. Banner ads and pop-ups just aren’t cutting it; they’re wallpaper that gets blocked and ignored.

Conversational AI powered advertising  has the potential to take your advertising to the next level. Instead of fighting to be seen, you’re giving your customer a chance to be heard. Here are the top six reasons why Conversational AI reaches customers and increases engagement.

1. It reaches people WHERE they are.

It’s already possible to advertise to your customers at the sites they commonly visit. Display ads can be configured to target websites through keywords, demographics, and more. However, engagement rates for standard display ads are abysmal. The average conversion rate for a display ad is 0.77%. In the US alone, 27.5 million internet users visit news and media sites, but that traffic is wasted when they simply read the article and ignore your display ad. Conversational Ads can reach out to your customers and engage them in content they care about.

2. It reaches people HOW they know

Social media and messaging app usage has exploded. Usage rates of messaging programs such as What’s App, Facebook Messenger, and more, range from 70-97% in most countries around the world. Millennials, in particular, use messaging as their primary form of communication. Customers already want to message with your business: 89% of consumers say that they would like to use messaging to talk to businesses. Online conversations are familiar to your audience; they’re already having them. Conversational ads give you a way to engage with customers that feels like a normal part of their day.

3. It provides QUICK and EASY answers

If your customers need to speak with a person in order to get their question answered, then most likely they’re going to have to wait. A study from 2016 showed that the average consumer will spend approximately 43 days of their life on hold. No one enjoys waiting for answers either: 66% of people will consider switching to a competitor if left on hold longer than they expected. Rather than having your customer wait for a person to answer the phone or respond to an email, Conversational AI provides a way to answer their questions instantly.

4. It has the APPEAL of new technology

In addition to the convenience of using a chatbot, it’s also something that people are curious about. A 2016 study by HubSpot found that 86% of people are interested in interacting with AI tools. In that same survey, 47% of respondents said they would be open to buying something just by speaking to a chatbot. Conversational AI is the next big thing and your customers want to try it out.

5. It lets them SHARE information

Customers are becoming aware of all the ways that their personal data is collected, and they aren’t always happy about it. 61% of consumers prefer personalized advertising, but consumers have strong opinions on how companies are getting data from them. The secret to success lies in how personalization is done. Customers want companies to use the information they are willing to voluntarily provide, rather than getting it from outside sources. Conversational AI gives the opportunity for a consumer to share the information they feel comfortable with and get the best possible results.

6. It makes CONVERSIONS go up

At the end of the day, your number one goal is to convert that advertisement into a site visit, lead, or sale. A study by HubSpot found that, as compared to generic calls-to-action, personalized calls-to-action converted at a rate of 202% better. Consumers want to see things that are relevant to them. Conversational AI powered ads gives them individual attention that ends with a personalized recommendation they will want to click.

If you want to increase your customer engagement, stop paying for wallpaper and start having conversations. Visit here to learn more and sign up for a free trial of our conversational marketing platform.

Smart Convos Welcomes Kimberly Qualls as Director of Marketing

Smart Convos Welcomes Kimberly Qualls as Director of Marketing

Smart Convos is excited to welcome Kimberly Qualls as our new Director of Marketing. A recent graduate of the MBA program at Emory’s Goizueta Business School, Kimberly is passionate about technology and media.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join a woman-led technology company. During my time at Just Add Power, it became one of my personal goals to increase the representation of women in technology and make our industry a positive environment for women. I know the team at Smart Convos shares that vision.”

Prior to her time at Emory, Kimberly spent five years as Director of Administration at Just Add Power, a tech startup located in Largo, FL. She has experience in a wide variety of industries, including social work, non-profit, telecommunications, and film. Previously she has served as an Advisory Board Member at Northeast High School’s Academy of Information Technology and Fundraising Event Committee Member for Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. She is currently a Corporate Board Member for Just Add Power.

“What I love about Smart Convos is that it makes advertising more informative. Once you’ve seen a static ad, you’ve learned everything from it that you can. With the Smart Convos platform, advertisements become a million times more useful, able to give you personalized information and direct you towards what you are looking for.”

Kimberly has been tasked with the continued development of our brand and marketing strategy and implementation. We are really excited to see what she will bring to the plate for our brand and marketing development. Smart Convos is growing and we are thrilled to see where we will go next. We hope you will stay with us for that journey!