April 2020 - Smart Convos
Conversations are getting Smarter, with SLACK!

Conversations are getting Smarter, with SLACK!

We’re excited to announce we’ve added a SLACK integration into our software!

We know teams are always communicating through SLACK, so we’ve had a slack integration feature in our development pipeline for quite some time! Now its finally available. Read the article below to see more information on how to integrate your Smart Convos account with an existing SLACK account.

How to Setup:

1. Login to your Smart Convos Dashboard- http://dashboard.smartconvos.com/

2. Select the channel you want to connect to SLACK Go to the “integrations” tab on the left sidebar > Then click the “add to slack”

3. Login to Slack or Confirm permissions (if you’re already logged in)

4. Once you accept permissions you’ll be able to see a new app connection inside your SLACK account “smart convos live chat”:

slack connect with chatbot

5. BOOM! You’re connected and ready to get real notifications from SLACK and jump into conversations right when they’re happening. Click the url link to go straight to the Smart Convos LIve Chat window and start talking! You can also use the SC Slack app to see on-going activity to see what people are saying. We’ll be making more improvements and abilities with SLACK very soon, so check back to see what we’re improving.

As always, reach out to us for any questions! Thanks for reading.


Communication for the Community: We’re Here for You

Communication for the Community: We’re Here for You

“Business as normal” currently seems like a distant dream. Indeed, recent changes have turned many of our daily routines, jobs, and activities upside down. And it’s not clear when things will turn right side up again. As a result, each day brings a wave of new questions, worries, and uncertainties. Thus, open and clear communication is more important now than ever before, and we want to offer you a helping hand.

To help you, help others, we have two special discounts:

  1. For community-focused charities and non-profit organizations, we’re offering all our services free of charge until the end of 2020.
  2. For small businesses and startups with ten or less employees, we’re offering 50% off all our subscription packages for 6 months.

And if your small business or startup is part of the Local Atlanta Startup ecosystem (like ATDC, ATV, Techstars, The Farm, TechSquare, and more), you qualify for the 50% discount regardless of employee size. With these AI communication tools, we hope to support your team and the work you’re doing to support the community. We want to empower your teams to work smarter and do more.

How Our Tech Can Help

As mentioned, many people are facing new questions every day, making open and clear communication more important than ever. With our communication tools, you can be there for your community 24/7 through a virtual assistant. Whether you add a ConvoBot to your homepage or make a crisis-specific ConvoPage, our AI can answer questions 24/7. Also, since you can update the AI script at any time, you can keep your community up-to-date on any changes. Furthermore, your virtual assistant can point your community in the right direction. This will save them time and hassle during an already stressful time.

Equally important, our communication tools will help your team work more effectively. With the AI bot answering questions and pointing users in the right direction, you and your team can avoid inbox overload. This also ensures that your community isn’t waiting on answers from you, putting less stress on your team. Additionally, our tech helps you streamline the communication process.

Finally, these tools help you provide a personalized experience to every visitor. Just like communication, a personalized experience is more important now than ever before. Your community wants to feel welcomed and appreciated, and a tailored experience can help you achieve that. With the world feeling like it’s upside down, this personal touch could make all the difference to your community.

Reach out

If you believe our tech can help your company during this time, you can reach out to us at hello@smartconvos.com or fill out the Contact box at the end of our “Communication for the Community” page or use our convobot here. You can also register for a 14-Day Free Trial on our “Features & Pricing” page, and we’ll apply a promo code to your account.