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7 Ways a Chatbot Can Increase Your Sales

The latest marketing trend started gaining momentum in 2016 and will certainly continue through 2018 and beyond. Engaged-marketing is leading the strategy trends in communications marketing. No longer are newsletters, email and text messages sufficient to ensure a robust customer relations effort. The customer now insists on being engaged in real-time, anytime and in a meaningful way.

Chatbot technology is leading that trend. Chatbots are programs that mimic human conversation by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). They’ve been around for a while but the technology has come a long way from the 800 numbers leading you through a minefield of options. These days the technology is a lot more sophisticated, some sporting a high level of AI. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between Chatbots and actual human interaction.

The growing popularity of Chatbots lies in their versatility as they can perform varied tasks including provide content, facilitate a purchase and connect with customers.

There are several categories of your marketing strategy where Chatbots can be a benefit:

1) Customer Service

There is nothing more frustrating than holding the phone for more than half an hour waiting for customer service. However, Chatbot technology offers an innovative solution to that.

Technology has brought information and access to your fingertips and waiting on the phone for a simple answer is not an option. Especially when you consider that most service calls and complaints can be resolved fairly quickly. Chatbots allow for an instant resolution to complaints about information queries.

2) Customer Analysis

Chatbots can be programmed to track consumer behavior and purchase patterns. They have the ability to monitor data, thereby allowing you to make more informed marketing decisions.

In the long run, you will be able to save money as you will not need to outsource the analysis function. Also, the data will be more accurate as Chatbots are not prone to human error.

3) Personalized Promotions

During intervals in a customer service interaction, the Chatbot can generate and display personalized advertisements using the customer’s name and other information. Personalized promotions and advertising are proven to result in sales conversions.

4) Proactive Customer Interaction

Previous marketing trends focused on reactionary strategies and not proactive strategy. Companies never made much of an effort to reach out to customers, instead, they chose to respond to customers.

Chatbots are an innovative way to reach out to customers. A simple act of asking if the customer needs any assistance is a way of letting the customer know you are present and they are valued.

5) Site Feedback

Gathering feedback is vital to improve your overall strategy and for website optimization. Knowing the feedback from your customers will give you a better idea of low converting pages and to resolve the issue. A Chatbot is able to gather this information by asking simple questions.

6) Fostering Leads

Using the above-mentioned data can help you create customized messaging to guide the customer towards a final purchase. It is advisable to test your messaging first, as you do not want to annoy the customer.

7) Constant Messenger Presence

Messaging apps are leading the way in which people interact. It is reported that after a month of installing a messaging app, the rate of retention doubles over all other apps – 68 percent.

With a constant engaging presence online via a Chatbot you will be able to save money and be available to you customer 24/7.

These days customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition. Chatbot technology allows you to successfully achieve both. Customers need to feel valued and engaged; Chatbots are a perfect way to achieve this.

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