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Conversational Landing Page Templates are Here!

Conversational Landing Page Templates are Here!

Every business uses landing pages to help with conversions, sales, and gaining important information about their customers. But times are changing and the way people communicate is evolving, especially with COVID and increased remote communication becoming more the norm. SmartConvos is helping to solve this issue without the need for hiring a developer with our new Conversation Landing Page Templates.

What is a conversational landing page?

Our Conversational Landing Pages (we call them ConvoPages) combine your traditional landing page with a chatbot instead of a form that can engage customers, gather leads, schedule appointments, and more.  Think “Typeform” but with images, gifs, and a lot more interaction. The split-screen setup makes an easy-to-use interface that’s hyper-engaging and fun for your customers rather than just another boring form.

ConvoPages have been shown to not only perform better when it comes to conversions but also increases engagement and brand awareness. Brandable Box for instance not only saw a 10% conversion rate (measured after click-throughs to their product page) but also a 45% engagement rate. These kinds of stats not only increase your bottom line but allow for better brand awareness and more.

Before now, Smart Convos software has only been set up for customers to build their own conversations from scratch, but now we have conversational landing page templates to help make the process even easier! A simple embed allows you to add your new ConvoPage to your existing website – or share the URL we generate for you free of charge.

For Surveys

Take for instance this Straw Poll, you can build an interactive survey within minutes using this template.

conversational landing page form straw poll

Ask your customers questions about their experience with your brand in a new way that’s fun and interactive. You can utilize the left side of the conversational landing page to show images, graphs, GIFs, or videos to go along with the messages on the right side. It’s a completely different experience from a regular boring form.

For Leads

Want to engage with your website visitors in a more personalized way?

Interactive Contact Form Example

Use our LeadGen templates to easily get their name, email, and info so you can follow up with more detail and make the sale. Regular static forms are very one-directional, just typing into boxes all lonely; conversational forms make it two-directional making it feel like your talking to a real person. Our templates come pre-filled with great questions and answers set up so you’ll be asking the right things in just the right way.

For Customer Success and more

Have customers you want to thank? Send a conversational thank you eCard that’s personalized and fun!

Interactive Thank You eCard Example

Maybe you want to send a gift card to their favorite restaurant as a thank you, but want to know which one they’d prefer the most. Or perhaps you just want to send a simple thank you message for their time and then begin the next step of your sales process. The choice is yours – our Thank You eCard templates have all that built-in so you can quickly customize and send!

Choose your Conversational Landing Page template and get started today!

We’ve made the process easy and there are many options available within our templates section. Just pick out a template, sign up for free and your conversational landing page is ready to go. Text and images can be replaced using our new Easy Builder so the conversation matches your brand’s image and voice. No coding required!

Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible and we’re available to help whenever needed. So what are you waiting for, start increasing your conversions with our conversational landing page templates today! 🙂

There are many options available within our templates, and we’re just getting started. Keep an eye out for future posts regarding templates and our new “Easy Builder” which we’ve dubbed the world’s easiest chatbot builder.  Stay tuned!

Smart Convos Founder Featured in Women of Martech

Smart Convos Founder Featured in Women of Martech

This month, one of our beloved conversational marketing co-founders was featured in the prestigious Women of Martech Success Spotlight. 

Samantha Iodice reached out to us in early October to ask Danielle what life as a female founder is like now, how she got there, and what motivates her to do better. She asks about managing life through covid:

“As a CEO, mother, and wife, Danielle must wear many hats and change them frequently throughout the day. This hat dance is compounded by the current circumstances of the pandemic and the implications of having school-aged children. Suddenly, Danielle has a new hat thrust upon her as teacher, to balance alongside the others. Her life is challenging, but she manages it with grace and focuses 

Danielle Major CEO SMARt convoson organization.”

As she continues she gets more about her background and where she started as well as what sparked the beginning of Smart Convos.

In 2017, Danielle and her husband started to take notice of AI and its increasing popularity. After some idea exploration and additional research, the couple devised a plan for their first SaaS

company, Smart Convos AI. The initial concept was built on the ability to create chat applications and place them inside display ads using AI chatbots to power this interactivity


Towards the end of the article, she asks for some predictions on the future of AI and if she had any advice for other female founders or people looking to start a business.

According to Danielle, “[Right now], consumers have the ball in their court, 100%. Making [consumers] feel heard and reflected in a brand is paramount. Personalization is key.” Danielle firmly believes AI will assist the transition through two-way advertising communication as the industry evolves past standard push-only methodology. “Building ad campaigns people can interact with (conversational ads / conversational marketing) and talk to should be the next wave that takes over the next five years.”


Danielle has a powerful story and message to be shared with anyone striving for success, especially when the tables get turned on your plans. She recommends and advises women to “be brave with your ideas and speak up.” Danielle says, “Don’t be afraid to try new things that haven’t been done before.”

It’s a great spotlight piece we’re proud of, read the entire article yourself here .

The 2020 Holiday Season is here, are you prepared to interact with customers?

The 2020 Holiday Season is here, are you prepared to interact with customers?

80% of companies say their online interactions have increased since the pandemic began. That means that if you are a retailer or B2C company selling this holiday season, you’re going to see much higher website traffic . People are avoiding crowded stores or even leaving their home to shop, so buying online is now the best solution. Is your website ready to interact with customers?

In a recent HubSpot report, they found that 82% of consumers claim instant responses to their questions are very important when contacting brands. So, if you combine that statistic along with an increase in traffic; you could be at risk to lose customers if you don’t provide an experience that can communicate with them easily.

Ask yourself these questions to see if you are “2020” prepared:

  • Is your sales funnel or website ready to meet increased customer demand?
  • Will customers have a good experience when they get there?
  • More importantly, can they communicate quickly and easily?

If you said no to any of those, don’t worry we have a solution; conversational campaigns!

The Power of Conversational Campaigns

Conversational campaigns are ad and marketing campaigns focused on turning conversations into conversions via chat. It’s a multi-channel chatbot strategy that integrates conversational interfaces into common touchpoints of your sales funnel. 

With our platform, brands can seamlessly advertise, inform and convert all within one conversation. Marketing and advertising teams can build a simple chatbot in minutes with our no-code bot builder and then use it in 3 ways: through display ads, landing pages or website. Each of which are proven to increase personalization, engagement and conversion rate (compared to static or non-interactive campaigns).  

Turn your landing page into and experience

Our solution for landing pages are called “ConvoPages” (short for conversational landing page). These convopages are split screen experiences that show images on the left side, and a chat window on the right, giving the user a more personable experience by ‘simulating’ a conversation with a brand. Users feel more attended to and heard by engaging in this branded experience. See how the OREO demo interacts with their users by using a convopage for promoting their product variations. It asks visitors how they eat their OREO then suggests the best fit.

conversational landing page for CPG

There are so many uses for conversational landing pages too! Our customers have used them for:

  • LeadGen – Instead of a typical “Contact us” or “Get a Free Quote” form on your website, you have a brief conversation that’s more dynamic or asks more specific questions. That way you gain more open-ended information helping you build a profile on that lead. Users will also appreciate the personalized approach that feels more holistic and less pressured.
  • Surveys – Companies want to know how they’re doing, data on customer experience can be invaluable. Turn a static and limited survey form into a dynamic conversation that gets more in-depth with a reviewer who may have more specific feedback or needs. Our dashboard can record all the responses and turn that into valuable marketing data.
  • Quizzes – Make things entertaining with personality, knowledge or shopping quizzes that users can take for fun! Asking a 5-8 question quiz about your users preferences, taste, likes and dislikes can help you suggest certain products or services you offer. This makes it a personalized experience that can increase intent to purchase by 90%. BuyFromAi uses our software to showcase interactive shopping quizzes focused on who you’re shopping for, not what you’re shopping for. Like for instance, on its “shopping for wife” page it will ask “is your wife a coffee or tea person”, then sort its product database to show related items matching the answers.
  • Forms / Applications – Need someone to fill out a pretty long and boring form? Turn it into a conversation instead! Anything from a repair request, general inquiry, sweepstakes or competition sign up, or even a job application. NerdRabbit is a tech staffing company working to fulfill positions in IT, specifically within AWS engineering. They built ‘Sheldon’ the Nerdy Rabbit who talks and interviews potential candidates for open positions through their convopage staffing quiz brilliantly labeled “Need an AWS nerd?”.
  • FAQ – In times like these in 2020, people are looking for information readily and quickly. That information is also constantly being updated by day to day changes in regulations, shut downs and adjusted hours of businesses. Using a conversational landing page for a FAQ is a great idea that addresses a users need to engage with something or someone who could relay important information to them. Anyone can just read things on a webpage, but making it personable and dynamic is much more CX focused.
faq conversational landing page

A Convopage used for FAQ

Now is the best time to get conversational

At Smart Convos, we strive to offer a software that makes it easy for brands to interact with their customers. We know marketing and advertising teams don’t have a lot of time to learn new tools, so we have one of the easiest chatbot builders in the market. The Covid-19 pandemic has overloaded the web with inquiries and customer behavioral changes and 74% of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions.

 Now is the time to have genuine conversations with your customers. Let us help you, help them and lets build a conversation together! Try it today free for 14 days!

Sign up for Free 14 day trial
See Conversational Landing Page DEMOS

Smart Convos Launches Interactive Shopping Concept

Smart Convos Launches Interactive Shopping Concept

While shopping for someone, let’s say its your wife, you’ve likely found yourself struggling to find that “perfect” gift. All too often, its a struggle to “think of” something great to buy someone (Husbands are known to be terrible gift givers). But what if you had the option to just answer a few questions about that person, and have great gift ideas recommended to you? It’s easy to answer a few questions your wife right?. Naming things they enjoy, like baking or gardening , colors they prefer, brands they wear, or interests and hobbies they have.

This is what we were thinking about while building the Buy from AI interactive shopping concept.  Seeing as a large amount of our customers use our platform for sales and personalized customer journeys, we decided to build a retail arm to our features and abilities.

How Interactive Shopping with Buy From AI Works

To start this interactive shopping experience, Buy From AI “partners” you with one of our bots. Each bot has their own personality and quirks, providing a unique experience every time. Furthermore, our bots have specific areas of expertise! Some are experts on technology and video games while others are experts on fashion and creative projects. Thus, you can shop easily knowing you’re in good, experienced AI hands.

Then, once you’re paired up, the bot will ask you many questions to learn more about your giftee. Since the site is currently in beta, we will use our “Shop for Men” section as an example. The bot starts by asking who we’re shopping for and their age. Next, it asks what kind of things they enjoy, our budget, and how quickly we need it to ship. Every time we answer a question, the suggested gifts on the left get more and more specific.

The bot will show you a random GIF image that relates to your response somehow and begin to filter products . It may also ask you random questions, not necessarily related to your giftee, all in the pursuit of finding that “perfect” gift! (It also shows off a bit of their personality and how they think.) Here’s an example of how this interactive shopping quiz gets random:

Example of a random question from one of the bots. It's a text box against a blue background asking which direction you'd go down a path.

After the final question, the bot highlights your final product recommendations that are personalized based on your answers. You can click on the pictures to learn more about the product, and then, it’s as simple as adding the perfect gift to your cart!

All in all, the bot acts like a navigator: they lead you through the world of online gifts with a map of questions, sailing from recommendation to recommendation until they find the right place to stop for you. And this interactive shopping experience lets you have fun while they do it!

What Does This Mean for the E-Commerce Industry?

Not only will Buy From AI make finding that perfect gift a whole lot easier, this interactive shopping experience comes with a lot of benefits for the e-commerce industry, such as:

1. Visibility and Interaction

Poor online marketing and a lack of online search visibility are two of the main reasons e-commerce businesses fail. In fact, MarketingSignals found (in a survey of 1,253 owners of failed start-ups in the UK) that “37% [of e-commerce businesses] failed because they weren’t able to compete or deliver online marketing” while “35% suffered the same fate because of a lack of online visibility.” Thus, it’s incredibly important to reach your audience and interact with them in the online market. With Buy From AI, you can expand your reach and visibility into a new market of shoppers. And, since these products are personally selected, our site will be showcasing them to the people who really want them. Furthermore, you will reach this audience in a new, interactive way. This interaction will help customers remember your brand, a major component of online marketing.interactive shopping

2. Gamification and Engagement

A key benefit of Buy From AI is its gamification, or how it introduces elements of gaming into something that is not typically a game (like the e-commerce industry). It’s like the BuzzFeed quizzes of e-shopping! Not only does this make the experience more entertaining, but it also keeps the audience more engaged. According to Gallup, fully engaged customers make up 23% of profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. Additionally, these engaged customers are more likely to be recurring users. They will come back for new quizzes, to see new products, and to search for more gifts.

3. Personalization

As discussed, Buy From AI creates a personal and unique experience every time someone uses the site. Depending on their answers and the AI in charge, the consumer will see different questions and will receive different, curated suggestions. Ultimately, this personalization increases consumers’ interest and their intent to purchase. Specifically, we see a 90% increase in conversions with a personalized call-to-action versus a standard CTA.

4. A Completely New Experience

Altogether, Buy From AI offers a new way of finding products. People have been “shopping” in the search bar for too long, and it’s time to usher in something imaginative and dynamic. With its gamification and its high level of interaction, personalization, and engagement, Buy From AI is not the same ol’ same. This interactive shopping experience will draw in consumers and have them coming back again and again with curated recommendations and exciting, fun quizzes to take.

Currently, Buy from AI has one shopping experience launched that’s focused on shopping for men with a bot named “MrBot”. Eventually there will be several different bot personalities focused on diverse demographics / customer types like “BeautyBot” for Women’s beauty products, “NerdBot” for gaming and tech products, and perhaps even “VSCOBot” for those girls looking for the right scrunchie or shorts to wear. There are many possibilities to explore with this interface and we are excited to explore them all.

This entire interactive AI shopping experience was built using our Smart Convos platform and convopage UI. By syncing our conversational landing page UI and Shopify drop-shipping API, people are now able to buy straight from an AI personality. If you own a Shopify store and are looking to make an interactive and personalized experience for your customers to discover products curated for them, ask us how to setup a convopage for Shopify!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself or learn more, check out our the Buy from AI site. You can also follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to stay up-to-date!

Communication for the Community: We’re Here for You

Communication for the Community: We’re Here for You

“Business as normal” currently seems like a distant dream. Indeed, recent changes have turned many of our daily routines, jobs, and activities upside down. And it’s not clear when things will turn right side up again. As a result, each day brings a wave of new questions, worries, and uncertainties. Thus, open and clear communication is more important now than ever before, and we want to offer you a helping hand.

To help you, help others, we have two special discounts:

  1. For community-focused charities and non-profit organizations, we’re offering all our services free of charge until the end of 2020.
  2. For small businesses and startups with ten or less employees, we’re offering 50% off all our subscription packages for 6 months.

And if your small business or startup is part of the Local Atlanta Startup ecosystem (like ATDC, ATV, Techstars, The Farm, TechSquare, and more), you qualify for the 50% discount regardless of employee size. With these AI communication tools, we hope to support your team and the work you’re doing to support the community. We want to empower your teams to work smarter and do more.

How Our Tech Can Help

As mentioned, many people are facing new questions every day, making open and clear communication more important than ever. With our communication tools, you can be there for your community 24/7 through a virtual assistant. Whether you add a ConvoBot to your homepage or make a crisis-specific ConvoPage, our AI can answer questions 24/7. Also, since you can update the AI script at any time, you can keep your community up-to-date on any changes. Furthermore, your virtual assistant can point your community in the right direction. This will save them time and hassle during an already stressful time.

Equally important, our communication tools will help your team work more effectively. With the AI bot answering questions and pointing users in the right direction, you and your team can avoid inbox overload. This also ensures that your community isn’t waiting on answers from you, putting less stress on your team. Additionally, our tech helps you streamline the communication process.

Finally, these tools help you provide a personalized experience to every visitor. Just like communication, a personalized experience is more important now than ever before. Your community wants to feel welcomed and appreciated, and a tailored experience can help you achieve that. With the world feeling like it’s upside down, this personal touch could make all the difference to your community.

Reach out

If you believe our tech can help your company during this time, you can reach out to us at or fill out the Contact box at the end of our “Communication for the Community” page or use our convobot here. You can also register for a 14-Day Free Trial on our “Features & Pricing” page, and we’ll apply a promo code to your account.


Retail Tech Symposium Showcase

Retail Tech Symposium Showcase

On Halloween, our CEO Danielle presented our tech at the 3rd Annual ATDC Retail Tech Symposium. The weather was about as spooky as the holiday we were celebrating, but the event was amazing.

The symposium featured 10 of Atlanta’s up and coming startups with benefits in anything retail tech. Some of the companies included Toucan AI, Voxie and VoiceWorx; so artificial intelligence in retail was a hot topic! During our presentation we talked about the potential conversational advertising has on the retail advertising industry. Brands who adopt our platform can create ad campaigns that are highly engaging, hyper-personalized and increase conversions.


If you compare a static retail display ad campaign that relies on the creative to convert versus a dynamic creative that can answers questions about the products its selling; its a totally different experience! Its an EXPERIENCE at all compared to boring digital wallpaper (see our graphic example). People searching for items like shoes, clothing or luxury items can get a personalized experience through conversational advertising to find out which style, color, or size they want. This helps in removing the stigma of the “click-through” of ad campaigns, where 87% of people drop off once clicking through to a landing page or product page.

The feedback we heard was great, people were thrilled to hear about our concept and even asked for pilots! We had a wonderful time presenting and networking at this wonderful event, thanks to ATDC and their Retail Tech Department.

To find out if your business could benefit from a conversational ad campaign, reach out! Email us via info@smartconvos,com or through social media via twitter @SmartConvos.

Thanks for reading, keep it classy Atlanta!