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As the world has adjusted to the “new normal” with social distancing guidelines and remote work, the staffing and recruiting industry have been faced with giant challenges throughout 2020. More people are working from home and looking for work from home as well. Recruiters are having to communicate more digitally while weeding through tons of applications and resumes on a larger scale than ever before.

Hiring firms and staffing companies aren’t able to interview people in person as much so they’ve begun to rely more on virtual interviews or digital solutions. According to, 60% of HR managers use or have used video interviewing in their hiring process.

So with video interviewing becoming more common, the next thing to become trending is the “one-way interview”. These interviews are recordings of candidates going through interview questions, with no one at the other end at the same time. Like making an audition tape for your job position, it has officially become a common thing for people searching for new positions.

Unfortunately, according to LinkedIn users, over 69% of people dislike them. People say it makes them uncomfortable, with one user saying:

“The lack of interaction and the time pressure of recording my answers made it very difficult for me. I basically drew a blank… i need the interaction to have a conversation about my skills and experiences that make me suitable for the role”

Alternative to virtual one-way interviews

So what’s a better alternative? Something between virtual meetings and one-way interviews, an experience that’s enjoyable for the candidate yet scalable and automated for the staffing company?

Well, look no further than conversational landing page technology! Recruiters can create an interview that asks questions and learns about the candidate, while candidates don’t feel uncomfortable being on camera.

Most of our current customers using this technology are loving its benefits, here are just a few to list:

1.Familiar Experience – Most consumers are familiarized with instant messaging or chatbots and are comfortable responding to them, more so than a high pressured one-way video.
From what we’ve seen with video interviewing, people aren’t feeling some of the new hiring technologies that have come out in the past year or so. One candidate says it could become an issue where good candidates get weeded out just because they are uncomfortable on camera.

“I think these type of interviews could cause very good candidates to be screened out just because they don’t feel comfortable talking to a screen, making them unduly nervous.”

Fortunately, our interface is a good middle ground between a virtual interview and a simple chatbot interaction. People are much more comfortable messaging through text. Using a mix of typing alongside images has proven to be more enjoyable for candidates interviewing using conversational staffing pages.

2. Scalable – Recruiters can make an interview script within minutes, manage and track data from hundreds of candidates all in one place.
You want to bring in as many high-quality candidates as possible right? That’s a lot of data to keep up with, fortunately, we have an easy to use dashboards that will keep transcripts of all your recruiting conversations with candidates. Staffing agents can also look through emails that come in overtime to read through transcripts to weed out less qualified candidates.

3.Efficient process – one of the most important parts of the hiring process is the use of time.

With our “easy builder” all you have to know is the questions you want to ask your candidate, that’s it. If you’re hiring a Marketing Director for your e-commerce business, ask them directly what you want to know and give them more space to answer. “How many years of experience do you have you running Facebook ad campaigns? Tell us 3 examples of conversion campaigns you’ve launched.”

In the end, we know that 2021 will continue to bring on more challenges for the recruiting industry, but we firmly believe that this technology has many immediate benefits to offer that will please both the candidate and hiring company in the long run.

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