Convo Bot LogoBy creating a convo bot for your business, every customer that visits your website can easily ask questions about products and services, receiving answers in real time WITHOUT having to speak to a real person or fill out a contact form and wait.

Convo Bot Intro

How it Works

Chat Bot Transcript

Give Us Your
‘Sales Transcript’

Have a sales pitch? Great! We can program your specific sales transcript into a custom built bot.

Build Convo Bot

We Build
Your Convo Bot

We build a chat bot custom to your companies’ sales and customer service needs.
We also setup any custom functions, helpful APIs, hooks for CRMs, etc

Add Convo Bot

Add Convo Bot
to Your Website

Once we’ve finished building the custom chat bot, we’ll place it on your site.

Convo Bot Works

Let Convo Bot
Do Its Thing

Your Convo Bot is now a virtual sales person & customer service representative for your company!

See it in Action

“I own a cleaning business, and before I was getting about 10-15 lead submissions on my website a month. The first month I added the ConvoBot, submissions doubled and people basically stopped using the normal contact form. It’s crazy.”

S&G Testimonial

Features and Benefits

  • NO FORMS! Users submit information via chat during a natural, fluid conversation.
  • Your chatbot is constantly learning while having conversations, allowing for AI improvement with each interaction.
  • Modify your chatbot anytime based on current promotions, new products, season, etc – same as you would your normal sales!
  • Catch customers before they leave – time each interactions to begin when we detect the customer is leaving the site.
  • Use your existing color scheme, logos, and branding to make convo bot your own!
Features and Benefits
  • Make it easy for your users to find out info and frequently asked questions about your business. From customer service to sales, convo bot can handle it all.
  • View user transcripts to see what improvements should be made – gain insight into your customers that only conversations can give.
  • Seamlessly integrate existing APIs within your chatbot – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, PayPal – the possibilities are endless!
  • Send leads directly to your CRM – MailChimp, Salesforce, ZoHo – you name it, we can integrate with it!
  • New features added constantly – benefit from this technology before your competition does!