Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Convos?

Smart Convos is an emerging company that works to create AI solutions for business. Our products include chatbots, artificial intelligence marketing, advertising and more.

Where are you located?

We are located in Atlanta, GA and currently serve businesses all over the world.

What is Convo Bot?

Convo Bot provides conversational solutions for increasing profits and brand loyalty through artificial intelligence.

How does this work?

We use many different technologies including natural language processing, AI, chatbots and more to help achieve your business goals.

Does your AI help with sales?

Yes! We can setup the perfect lead flow for your company using our conversational bot and various deep learning techniques.

Do you have a bot for customer service?

Yes indeed. Educating the user, answering questions and providing support are one of the best features from our main product, Convo Bot.

Can you setup an AI chatbot for my e-commerce store?

In most every situation, this is also a yes! AI for e-commerce is one of the newest trends in technology, and we’ve begun ramping up Convo Bot’s role there as well.

What is Convo Ads?

Convo Ads is our newest product which uses the power of artificial intelligence and the ease of chatbots to bring digital ads (also known as banner ads) into the 21st century.