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How Chatbots can help Companies gain Leads

Chatbots are the fastest-growing marketing trend and fast proving to be a powerful tool in the marketer’s toolbox. Customers are insisting and expecting to be engaged, and interactive marketing tools such as Chatbots are leading the way in meaningful, real-time customer engagement.

Chatbots are computer programs designed to mimic human conversation. These programs use machine learning or hard coding to learn the nuances and keys in human conversation to interact with customers via an online platform. Smart Convos is the leading emerging AI Chatbot company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use this Conversational Marketing Technology to generate leads:

1) Real-time, meaningful engagement

Customers tend to expect instant access to information or immediate responses to inquiries. The faster you are able to respond, the better for your company’s reputation. With human-only customer relations staff, that’s just not possible. Chatbots are able to handle most common information queries and FAQs 24/7 every day of the year. Simple customer queries such as contact details, delivery times, delivery costs, opening hours and updates can be accessed easily and at anytime. Our Technology’s AI is available just like this and learns more about your customers everyday.

2) Constant sharing and interaction

Providing the proper content at the right time will translate into good business for your company. With Conversational AI technology, you can inform your customers of any specials, price discounts, or updates to your product and service offerings that are always current. Getting that information to a customer will make them feel more attending to or thought of, growing loyalty to your brand.

3) Relevant feedback and data

Chatbots allow you to collect invaluable information directly from your customers. You will be in a better position to offer customers exactly what they need from their direct feedback. Our technology also allows you to conduct a bit of market research by asking the right questions about what your customers are expecting of your service. Relevant and cleaned up data will mean a better-prepared sales team once they submit their info (as a lead through chat).

4) Better User Interaction

Chatbots offer better direct customer interaction than your blog or website landing page. They allow you to start a two-way conversation with your customer to find out more information from them. Not only are customers getting access to you, but you are also gathering loads of data about their wants, needs and expectations.

5) Re-targeting through Ads

According to research, Facebook Messenger has a far higher open rate than email. Using Facebook Messenger to communicate with your customers are far more beneficial than email. People are far more likely to open chat apps to check their messages than to open email messages. You can use a Chatbot interaction to drive more customers to your website. Also, people are using chat apps a lot more to engage with their favorite brands.

The growth in popularity of Chatbots shows no sign of slowing down. They are great for providing an amazing customer experience and generating leads. With a well thought out Chatbot strategy, you have an invaluable tool for moving your business to the next level.

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