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There’s a lot of questions when it comes to Artificial Intelligence in business right now. Many Industries are finding new ways everyday to integrate smart technology into the business processes. At Smart Convos, we focus on the quality of interaction your customers (or potential customers) are having by offering a one on one conversation that allows them to build trust with your brand. Our AI is able to provide quick answers to questions for your users while gaining customer data and insight for your business. This blog below will layout exactly “HOW TO” sign up and get started using your bot and how it will then continue to benefit your company over time.


It’s that simple. Sign up here — follow the quick registration process and we’ll be in business. You’ll provide us information like: business name, type of business, main lead type needed, design preferences and so forth.

Smart Convos AI Conversational Marketing SAAS Platform


We take the information provided, do further research into your company and even ask you to provide us your basic FAQ, sales transcripts and any other important operational information. After that gathers, we “feed the bot” your information. It learns everything it can about you and starts getting in the routine of working for you.


Smart Convos AI Conversational Marketing SAAS Platform


Once it’s ready to go, we’ll provide you with a short code tag to place on your site. The ConvoBot will then start doing its job interacting with customers and gathering leads for your sales team. After every lovely conversation, you’ll receive an email containing a transcript of the entire interaction; see what the user chose, said, asked, AI responses and their sales lead data such as Name, Phone and Email.

Smart Convos AI Conversational Marketing SAAS Platform

Users Are Greeted by Your ConvoBot and Prompted to Interact


After that, it’s pretty easy. Just sit back and watch the conversations flow. With your Smart Convos account, you’ll have a private dashboard to log in to the provides weekly and monthly metrics on how your bot is performing. See daily user rates, monthly conversion rates (we see an average of 5-9%), and other statisical data all in one easy to use control panel. With our Premium packages, we offer LIVE CHAT Takeover so you can personally jump in and speak to live customers on your website.

Smart Convos AI Conversational Marketing SAAS Platform


Now that you’re getting all the leads, follow through. We can hook conversations into your Sales CRM or API to funnel leads to your sales team. Your ConvoBot will also learn on its own and start making suggestions for improvements. We can edit/add question and responses that you learn your customers want to know about. People asking about pricing? We can teach the bot to give the right answers! There are so many benefits and ways you can make ConvoBot work for you and your customers. Feel free to ask us here and Smart Convos for help getting started or customizing your bot.

Smart Convos AI Conversational Marketing SAAS Platform

Smart Convos AI Conversational Marketing SAAS Platform

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