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Customer experience is critical to your company’s success. Positive customer experiences can help you stand out from your competitors, build a positive brand image, and boost sales. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for an excellent customer experience. With this in mind, it’s important to invest in ways that can improve your customer experience; and our ConvoPages can are doing and proving that.

Provide a personalized experience to all your visitors

“Oh look! Another landing page, great…” This is what most consumers say when herded to a landing page after clicking on an ad or social media post.  It’s usually the same experience, you see a large slideshow, a couple bullets of information and a submission form, woohoo. Well, at Smart Convos, we want to turn that whole experience around entirely. By using conversational AI, we’ve created ConvoPages, an interactive landing page powered by AI Chat. Its a split screen view of chat on one side and images on the other. Depending on what your customers talk about in the convo, they’ll see different images relative to what they are asking about.

Whether you want to use a ConvoPage to suggest products or services or to gain survey knowledge about your customers, each interaction with the page will be personal and unique. As customers interact with the conversational landing page, it will provide a curated and personalized result. This personalization improves customer experience in several ways.

Conversational Landing Page

First, it saves them time and hassle when searching for what they need. The ConvoPage will point them in the right direction, reducing frustration and the chances of a poor customer experience. Additionally, personalized product or service suggestions make buying easier and more trusted. Indeed, there is a 90% increase in conversions when you use personalized call-to-actions (CTAs) versus standard CTAs. And, in general, personalization creates a better customer experience. Customers enjoy receiving curated results that fit their needs, especially when they can get those suggestions quickly.

Gain insightful data about your customers

When creating your ConvoPage, you build your own quiz or talking form with a custom Q&A script. This allows you to ask the right questions and gets your customers talking about themselves and the products or services they need. In fact, on average  84% of people engage when visiting a conversational landing page and, on average, 56% are willing to give away data for personalized products.

By having a conversation about the products or service you are selling, you’re gaining valuable insights on the audience you’ve set to focus on. If people keep asking the same question, or demanding one particular product then you know what is in demand and can apply that data to your next marketing and advertising campaigns. This data, in turn, can be used to improve your customer experience in the future. For instance, a survey on your ConvoPage could help you find specific ways to create a better customer experience. Or, if you’re suggesting products, you can discover the most popular items and always have them in stock. Regardless of how you’re using the ConvoPage, this customer data is extremely handy in improving customer experience. This information—stats, conversation transcripts, and user data—can be accessed 24/7 through our dashboard.

Offer an advanced technology that stands out

Smart Convos AI Powered Conversational Landing Page

Conversational Landing pages like the ones we offer here at Smart Convos are a new type of technology most people haven’t seen or interacted with before. Brands like FENTY and IPSY use personality quizzes to offer more custom picked products, but its done in a multiple choice click-through fashion, ours are more dynamic through interactive AI chat messaging and imagery.  Because of the nuance of these pages, it has lead to lower bounce rates on average with our customers. Instead of the average 70-80% bounce rate for regular static landing pages, our customers see around 35-55% bounce rate.

Overall, ConvoPages offer a great way to improve your customer experience. People love talking about themselves and getting personalized results for e-commerce, customer service and general information. It gives your visitors a personalized experience and collects insightful data from their conversations with the AI that you can use in the future.

You can build your own ConvoPage by using our platform, or maybe you want us to help build you a convopage? we can do that! Reach out to us at If you’d like to see one of our ConvoPages in action, go take our AI CELEBRITY QUIZ at . You can learn more about our ConvoPages (and our other products) in our “What is Smart Convos?” blog.  Thanks for reading!



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