We’ve Graduated and Launched! - Smart Convos

Smart Convos Conversational AI Marketing has graduated from Atlanta Tech Village’s Accelerator program! As part of the 3rd cohort we were so lucky to have been part of an amazing group of entrepreneurs. Over the last five months in the It Takes a Village Pre-Accelerator program at Atlanta Tech Village, we’ve had the opportunity to fast track our development. Our team has grown and we’ve refined our business strategy. We’ve introduced updates that make our technology easy to use, so companies can focus on starting smart conversations with their customers.

conversational-advertisingAccelerators have been shown to have a strong impact on startup success, as they provide a wide variety of resources that companies may not otherwise be able to access. Atlanta Tech Village is one of the incubators bringing new talent onto the Atlanta tech scene. Another is ATDC at Georgia Tech, where Smart Convos will be heading next.

As part of our graduation, we are also excited to announce that our full self-service platform is now available and ready for use. Right now, you can visit signup.smartconvos.com to create your own conversational AI chatbot to deploy in a display ad or website.

We are currently offering free trials and discounted pricing to access our conversational advertising and marketing platform.

Want to make a chatbot for your site? We can do that!

Want to build an ad that talks back? You can build one!

Want to make a landing page that’s interactive and records great data? You can do that too!

Go to signup.smartconvos.com to get started today!

Getting Started is Easy

1. Sign Up for Free

Create an account with us, no credit card required!

2. Build your conversation

Our EasyBuilder is a no-code tool anyone can use, or pick from a pre-built template and customize with your company info.

3. Share it with the World

Add your new ConvoPage easily to any website or use the URL we provide free of charge.

Improve conversions like never before, get started today!

"Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation."

Mark Twain