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Making Advertising More Conversational

An advertisement that you can talk to? It sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s actually a reality that’s possible today. Conversational AI is making a splash on the internet and users are loving it. Chatbots can provide 24 hour service; 64% of internet users say this is their best feature. As a method of interacting with businesses, chat has a 73% satisfaction rate. So, what is holding your company back from implementing this vital technology? Nothing!

At Smart Convos, we are focused on making it easier to speak directly with your customer. When we first developed our conversational AI, we knew this was something that could be game-changing for marketers and advertisers all over the world. We also knew that marketers and advertisers are busy, and don’t have time to learn complicated new systems or spend hours in meetings with vendors. That’s why we created our easy-to-use Conversational AI Platform.

Conversational Advertising Platform

Build Your Own Chat Powered Ad

It’s a self-service solution that you can use to inject conversation into your advertising and marketing efforts. Our user-friendly dashboard takes you step by step through the process of creating a conversational advertisement. Simply input your goals and budget, upload your creative, and tell us what you want your bot to be able to say. We quickly review what you’ve written for quality control, and within 24-48 hours your conversational advertisement is ready to start talking to your customers.

With this program, you can create your own conversational campaign and quickly get it out in front of your audience. The code can be used through any Demand-Side Platform (DSP) that allows third party ad tags, or we can distribute it for you to a network of DSPs through our partnerships with industry leaders. You’ll be able to see results quickly too: campaigns using conversational advertising have seen up to an 87% lift in engagement. Within our platform, you can also A/B test different creative, scripts, and more, to see what your customers prefer.


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Finally, display ads can be something more than just wallpaper. With Smart Convos, display ads can talk back, and get to the root of what your customer wants. Using our bots, you can tailor conversations to your customer’s needs with personalization that makes them feel seen and heard. Individualized calls-to-action convert at a rate that is 202% better than a standardized ask. You can use the information that your customers give you to inspire them to connect and purchase.

Messaging is the most used form of communication in the world, therefore chatbots are the future of business. It’s predicted that within the next two years, 85% of consumer-to-business interactions will be handled by bots, rather than human agents. Your company can be in on the next big thing in advertising right now. Visit to start your free trial today!

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"Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation."

Mark Twain