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Every business uses landing pages to help with conversions, sales, and gaining important information about their customers. But times are changing and the way people communicate is evolving, especially with COVID and increased remote communication becoming more the norm. SmartConvos is helping to solve this issue without the need for hiring a developer with our new Conversation Landing Page Templates.

What is a conversational landing page?

Our Conversational Landing Pages (we call them ConvoPages) combine your traditional landing page with a chatbot instead of a form that can engage customers, gather leads, schedule appointments, and more.  Think “Typeform” but with images, gifs, and a lot more interaction. The split-screen setup makes an easy-to-use interface that’s hyper-engaging and fun for your customers rather than just another boring form.

ConvoPages have been shown to not only perform better when it comes to conversions but also increases engagement and brand awareness. Brandable Box for instance not only saw a 10% conversion rate (measured after click-throughs to their product page) but also a 45% engagement rate. These kinds of stats not only increase your bottom line but allow for better brand awareness and more.

Before now, Smart Convos software has only been set up for customers to build their own conversations from scratch, but now we have conversational landing page templates to help make the process even easier! A simple embed allows you to add your new ConvoPage to your existing website – or share the URL we generate for you free of charge.

For Surveys

Take for instance this Straw Poll, you can build an interactive survey within minutes using this template.

conversational landing page form straw poll

Ask your customers questions about their experience with your brand in a new way that’s fun and interactive. You can utilize the left side of the conversational landing page to show images, graphs, GIFs, or videos to go along with the messages on the right side. It’s a completely different experience from a regular boring form.

For Leads

Want to engage with your website visitors in a more personalized way?

Interactive Contact Form Example

Use our LeadGen templates to easily get their name, email, and info so you can follow up with more detail and make the sale. Regular static forms are very one-directional, just typing into boxes all lonely; conversational forms make it two-directional making it feel like your talking to a real person. Our templates come pre-filled with great questions and answers set up so you’ll be asking the right things in just the right way.

For Customer Success and more

Have customers you want to thank? Send a conversational thank you eCard that’s personalized and fun!

Interactive Thank You eCard Example

Maybe you want to send a gift card to their favorite restaurant as a thank you, but want to know which one they’d prefer the most. Or perhaps you just want to send a simple thank you message for their time and then begin the next step of your sales process. The choice is yours – our Thank You eCard templates have all that built-in so you can quickly customize and send!

Choose your Conversational Landing Page template and get started today!

We’ve made the process easy and there are many options available within our templates section. Just pick out a template, sign up for free and your conversational landing page is ready to go. Text and images can be replaced using our new Easy Builder so the conversation matches your brand’s image and voice. No coding required!

Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible and we’re available to help whenever needed. So what are you waiting for, start increasing your conversions with our conversational landing page templates today! 🙂

There are many options available within our templates, and we’re just getting started. Keep an eye out for future posts regarding templates and our new “Easy Builder” which we’ve dubbed the world’s easiest chatbot builder.  Stay tuned!

Getting Started is Easy

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2. Build your conversation

Our EasyBuilder is a no-code tool anyone can use, or pick from a pre-built template and customize with your company info.

3. Share it with the World

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Improve conversions like never before, get started today!

"Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation."

Mark Twain