Smart Convos Founder Featured in Women of Martech - Smart Convos

This month, one of our beloved conversational marketing co-founders was featured in the prestigious Women of Martech Success Spotlight. 

Samantha Iodice reached out to us in early October to ask Danielle what life as a female founder is like now, how she got there, and what motivates her to do better. She asks about managing life through covid:

“As a CEO, mother, and wife, Danielle must wear many hats and change them frequently throughout the day. This hat dance is compounded by the current circumstances of the pandemic and the implications of having school-aged children. Suddenly, Danielle has a new hat thrust upon her as teacher, to balance alongside the others. Her life is challenging, but she manages it with grace and focuses 

Danielle Major CEO SMARt convoson organization.”

As she continues she gets more about her background and where she started as well as what sparked the beginning of Smart Convos.

In 2017, Danielle and her husband started to take notice of AI and its increasing popularity. After some idea exploration and additional research, the couple devised a plan for their first SaaS

company, Smart Convos AI. The initial concept was built on the ability to create chat applications and place them inside display ads using AI chatbots to power this interactivity


Towards the end of the article, she asks for some predictions on the future of AI and if she had any advice for other female founders or people looking to start a business.

According to Danielle, “[Right now], consumers have the ball in their court, 100%. Making [consumers] feel heard and reflected in a brand is paramount. Personalization is key.” Danielle firmly believes AI will assist the transition through two-way advertising communication as the industry evolves past standard push-only methodology. “Building ad campaigns people can interact with (conversational ads / conversational marketing) and talk to should be the next wave that takes over the next five years.”


Danielle has a powerful story and message to be shared with anyone striving for success, especially when the tables get turned on your plans. She recommends and advises women to “be brave with your ideas and speak up.” Danielle says, “Don’t be afraid to try new things that haven’t been done before.”

It’s a great spotlight piece we’re proud of, read the entire article yourself here .

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