Conversations are getting Smarter, with SLACK! - Smart Convos

We’re excited to announce we’ve added a SLACK integration into our software!

We know teams are always communicating through SLACK, so we’ve had a slack integration feature in our development pipeline for quite some time! Now its finally available. Read the article below to see more information on how to integrate your Smart Convos account with an existing SLACK account.

How to Setup:

1. Login to your Smart Convos Dashboard-

2. Select the channel you want to connect to SLACK Go to the “integrations” tab on the left sidebar > Then click the “add to slack”

3. Login to Slack or Confirm permissions (if you’re already logged in)

4. Once you accept permissions you’ll be able to see a new app connection inside your SLACK account “smart convos live chat”:

slack connect with chatbot

5. BOOM! You’re connected and ready to get real notifications from SLACK and jump into conversations right when they’re happening. Click the url link to go straight to the Smart Convos LIve Chat window and start talking! You can also use the SC Slack app to see on-going activity to see what people are saying. We’ll be making more improvements and abilities with SLACK very soon, so check back to see what we’re improving.

As always, reach out to us for any questions! Thanks for reading.


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