Life as a Co-Founding Family During a Quarantine - Smart Convos

Madison Hogan with AtlantaInno reached out to us earlier in May to start an on-going interview that followed our lives as a co-founding married couple with children, working during the pandemic. The article covers the past 90 or so days, life before the quarantine, what we’re working on, Google for Startups progress and how we’ve adjusted. Great read for any other working parent out there, we fully empathize with you – the struggle is real!

Life as a startup is hard enough, trying to scale in a pandemic while raising two small girls is an even bigger challenge.

Working from home was less of a shock for the couple. Major said she and her husband have been working remotely for years, though their schedules are different today to take care of the kids. The couple works in shifts, between teaching the girls, making meals and getting to work on their third child, Smart Convos.

“I work 9-to-5. 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. That’s my 9-to-5 now,” she said.

Read the whole article here, enjoy!