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Smart Convos Welcomes Megan Lawless and Krista Perry to Marketing Team

Smart Convos Welcomes Megan Lawless and Krista Perry to Marketing Team

Smart Convos is excited to welcome Megan Lawless and Krista Perry to our team as interns.

Megan is currently finishing up her last year at Georgia State University studying Marketing. Her interests lie in the entertainment industry and creative design. She enjoys music and traveling to new places.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to work with Smart Convos! The team is wonderful and the concept is revolutionary. I’ve learned a great deal already and I can’t wait to see what we do next.” — Megan Lawless

Krista recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with a B.B.A in Marketing and a minor in Professional Writing. She’s passionate about advertising and entertainment marketing. She also has a love for learning new things and watching bad movie reviews.

“I’m very happy to be joining the team. The opportunity to change advertising and make it more conversational is exciting! Not only will it help businesses, but it’s more engaging for consumers as well.” — Krista Perry

We’re excited to see what Megan and Krista will bring to the company, and as our company continues to grow, we’re also excited to see where we will go next. We hope you will stay with us for that journey!

What is a Conversational Landing Page?

What is a Conversational Landing Page?

Every website has a landing page, but how many of those landing pages can talk? For now just a few, but don’t be surprised if you begin seeing more of them in the near future. Imagine being able to communicate with everyone who clicks onto your website 24/7. From filling orders to finding the perfect new hiree, this technology will revolutionize the way businesses operate online.

So what exactly is a conversational landing page?

Conversational landing pages, or ConvoPages for short, are interactive pages fueled by AI chat. Instead of searching through a website’s potentially confusing layout, the page presents visitors with a simple chat function that provides them with exactly what they need. This makes the experience more streamlined and less time consuming, giving it an advantage over traditional, frustrating landing pages. At Smart Convos, we have found that 84% of people engage when visiting a ConvoPage, with a bounce rate of only 16% (per 1000 visits). This increased interaction can boost sales or interest in your company. Most importantly, though, ConvoPages are not exclusive to certain types of businesses.

Convo Pages are useful for businesses across all industries

b2b retail interactive landing pageFrom retail & sales to staffing & hiring and everything in between, ConvoPages change the way you do business. For example, Brandable Box, a customizable box service, uses its ConvoPage to fill orders. Regular customers can choose exactly what they need, but new customers may not know what size and quantity box to order. By using a preset Q&A transcript to ask the right questions, the chatbot suggests the size and quantity of boxes that best suit the customers demands. This saves the customer’s valuable time and brings a personalized touch that online shopping typically lacks.

ConvoPages also learn information about your visitors through their inputs, which helps the AI deliver more personalized responses. This makes the visitor feel understood, resulting in a positive experience that they are more likely to trust and return to. At Smart Convos, we’ve found that, on average, 56% of people are willing to give away personal data for personalized products. This feature leads to some unique applications, like Relutech’s approach. The IT solutions company uses its ConvoPage to help with the staffing process. By taking personality quizzes and answering questions about their qualifications, potential hirees match with companies that best suit them. Their marketing team made it a fun experience by including an adorable mascot, the “nerdrabbit”. conversational landing page

We believe that the future of e-commerce is conversational, and that you can replace entire websites with a conversational landing page. By harnessing AI, data, and messaging interfaces you can build an experience that your customers will love and appreciate.

If you are interested in how a ConvoPage would benefit your website, schedule a demo with us! In 15 minutes, we can show you how to build your own interactive Convo Page.

Retail Tech Symposium Showcase

Retail Tech Symposium Showcase

On Halloween, our CEO Danielle presented our tech at the 3rd Annual ATDC Retail Tech Symposium. The weather was about as spooky as the holiday we were celebrating, but the event was amazing.

The symposium featured 10 of Atlanta’s up and coming startups with benefits in anything retail tech. Some of the companies included Toucan AI, Voxie and VoiceWorx; so artificial intelligence in retail was a hot topic! During our presentation we talked about the potential conversational advertising has on the retail advertising industry. Brands who adopt our platform can create ad campaigns that are highly engaging, hyper-personalized and increase conversions.


If you compare a static retail display ad campaign that relies on the creative to convert versus a dynamic creative that can answers questions about the products its selling; its a totally different experience! Its an EXPERIENCE at all compared to boring digital wallpaper (see our graphic example). People searching for items like shoes, clothing or luxury items can get a personalized experience through conversational advertising to find out which style, color, or size they want. This helps in removing the stigma of the “click-through” of ad campaigns, where 87% of people drop off once clicking through to a landing page or product page.

The feedback we heard was great, people were thrilled to hear about our concept and even asked for pilots! We had a wonderful time presenting and networking at this wonderful event, thanks to ATDC and their Retail Tech Department.

To find out if your business could benefit from a conversational ad campaign, reach out! Email us via info@smartconvos,com or through social media via twitter @SmartConvos.

Thanks for reading, keep it classy Atlanta!


Smart Convos gets Conversational at Startup Runway!

Smart Convos gets Conversational at Startup Runway!

Smart Convos was privileged to present at this years Startup Runway! Hosted by the amazing team at Valor Ventures and The Gathering Spot. The pitch contest included 10 finalists with two $10K grand prizes (one awarded by judges, the other by community vote).

The mission of the Startup Runway Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, is introducing top under-represented founders to professional investors. In the last 36 months, their Finalists have raised over $30 million and share that Startup Runway helped tilt their trajectory. It definitely did for us and we were so lucky to be chosen out of the roughly 400 applicants!

Together, we turn the funding gap into an on-ramp at Startup Runway. – Lisa Calhoun, Valor Ventures

They also provided the contestants a mock board meeting focused on helping solve an existing problem the presenting company is facing. We really enjoyed hearing insights from our mock panel, and the solution they provided to our proposed problem was well received! Our mock board guests were very interested in our technology and impressed with what we’ve accomplished in the past year.

Danielle Major, our CEO took the stage a little over halfway through the event to pitch Smart Convos. She talked about how display ad engagement was at an all time low and that people overall have grown tired of the rigmarole online ads bring to a fun online experience. The solution she of course presented was conversational display ads, or convoads. In other words, AI chatbot powered display ad units that can talk about their products or services they’re selling in real time, thus allowing smart conversations between a brand and their audience.

After the pitches, the prizes were awarded to (2) companies;  ReSuture, a New Orleans-based company that makes 3-D printed models of human tissue for doctors to practice surgery. and the Community award winner was is Mini City, an Atlanta-based company that uses technology to help homeless people obtain important documents. It was a great event, we connected with so many wonderful people and heard some really amazing feedback from the audience members who our technology really hit home with.

Overall, we didn’t “win” the Runway, but we sure as hell rocked it!  Check out the photo gallery below to see for yourself.



Tech Square Show ‘n Tell

Tech Square Show ‘n Tell

On September 12th, Smart Convos showcased at Tech Square ATL’s  Fintech and Commerce Show ‘n Tell. Show ‘n Tell is a hybrid community science fair displaying how different Fortune 500

companies, startups and researchers in Tech Square are disrupting FinTech and Commerce. Attendees at this event were able to hear predictions from experts and view experiments ranging from cutting edge prototypes to fully deployed systems.

We had a great booth to display our technology and show and tell everything about our conversational marketing software. People loved learning about how our solution to display ads is different and innovative. Being able to speak your voice in an exchange like advertising, it’s a interesting twist on what people would normally expect from ads known to be quite boring.

Smart Convos on Business RadioX

Smart Convos on Business RadioX

Smart Convos was thrilled to be featured on Business RadioX, a leading source of business news that features “long-form” interviews with new and upcoming companies.

Our CEO Danielle shared the story of the company in her conversation with host Stone Payton. She explained the potential of ConvoAds and the value behind talking with your customers. Stone was intrigued at the concept of a Conversational Advertisement and asked some great questions about how it could be used to promote a company like his own.

It was an honor to share the airwaves with Danielle Claffey, a Partner with Kuck Baxter Immigration LLC.

Visit this link to listen to the full episode or view just our segment below.