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On Halloween, our CEO Danielle presented our tech at the 3rd Annual ATDC Retail Tech Symposium. The weather was about as spooky as the holiday we were celebrating, but the event was amazing.

The symposium featured 10 of Atlanta’s up and coming startups with benefits in anything retail tech. Some of the companies included Toucan AI, Voxie and VoiceWorx; so artificial intelligence in retail was a hot topic! During our presentation we talked about the potential conversational advertising has on the retail advertising industry. Brands who adopt our platform can create ad campaigns that are highly engaging, hyper-personalized and increase conversions.


If you compare a static retail display ad campaign that relies on the creative to convert versus a dynamic creative that can answers questions about the products its selling; its a totally different experience! Its an EXPERIENCE at all compared to boring digital wallpaper (see our graphic example). People searching for items like shoes, clothing or luxury items can get a personalized experience through conversational advertising to find out which style, color, or size they want. This helps in removing the stigma of the “click-through” of ad campaigns, where 87% of people drop off once clicking through to a landing page or product page.

The feedback we heard was great, people were thrilled to hear about our concept and even asked for pilots! We had a wonderful time presenting and networking at this wonderful event, thanks to ATDC and their Retail Tech Department.

To find out if your business could benefit from a conversational ad campaign, reach out! Email us via info@smartconvos,com or through social media via twitter @SmartConvos.

Thanks for reading, keep it classy Atlanta!


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