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While shopping for someone, let’s say its your wife, you’ve likely found yourself struggling to find that “perfect” gift. All too often, its a struggle to “think of” something great to buy someone (Husbands are known to be terrible gift givers). But what if you had the option to just answer a few questions about that person, and have great gift ideas recommended to you? It’s easy to answer a few questions your wife right?. Naming things they enjoy, like baking or gardening , colors they prefer, brands they wear, or interests and hobbies they have.

This is what we were thinking about while building the Buy from AI interactive shopping concept.  Seeing as a large amount of our customers use our platform for sales and personalized customer journeys, we decided to build a retail arm to our features and abilities.

How Interactive Shopping with Buy From AI Works

To start this interactive shopping experience, Buy From AI “partners” you with one of our bots. Each bot has their own personality and quirks, providing a unique experience every time. Furthermore, our bots have specific areas of expertise! Some are experts on technology and video games while others are experts on fashion and creative projects. Thus, you can shop easily knowing you’re in good, experienced AI hands.

Then, once you’re paired up, the bot will ask you many questions to learn more about your giftee. Since the site is currently in beta, we will use our “Shop for Men” section as an example. The bot starts by asking who we’re shopping for and their age. Next, it asks what kind of things they enjoy, our budget, and how quickly we need it to ship. Every time we answer a question, the suggested gifts on the left get more and more specific.

The bot will show you a random GIF image that relates to your response somehow and begin to filter products . It may also ask you random questions, not necessarily related to your giftee, all in the pursuit of finding that “perfect” gift! (It also shows off a bit of their personality and how they think.) Here’s an example of how this interactive shopping quiz gets random:

Example of a random question from one of the bots. It's a text box against a blue background asking which direction you'd go down a path.

After the final question, the bot highlights your final product recommendations that are personalized based on your answers. You can click on the pictures to learn more about the product, and then, it’s as simple as adding the perfect gift to your cart!

All in all, the bot acts like a navigator: they lead you through the world of online gifts with a map of questions, sailing from recommendation to recommendation until they find the right place to stop for you. And this interactive shopping experience lets you have fun while they do it!

What Does This Mean for the E-Commerce Industry?

Not only will Buy From AI make finding that perfect gift a whole lot easier, this interactive shopping experience comes with a lot of benefits for the e-commerce industry, such as:

1. Visibility and Interaction

Poor online marketing and a lack of online search visibility are two of the main reasons e-commerce businesses fail. In fact, MarketingSignals found (in a survey of 1,253 owners of failed start-ups in the UK) that “37% [of e-commerce businesses] failed because they weren’t able to compete or deliver online marketing” while “35% suffered the same fate because of a lack of online visibility.” Thus, it’s incredibly important to reach your audience and interact with them in the online market. With Buy From AI, you can expand your reach and visibility into a new market of shoppers. And, since these products are personally selected, our site will be showcasing them to the people who really want them. Furthermore, you will reach this audience in a new, interactive way. This interaction will help customers remember your brand, a major component of online marketing.interactive shopping

2. Gamification and Engagement

A key benefit of Buy From AI is its gamification, or how it introduces elements of gaming into something that is not typically a game (like the e-commerce industry). It’s like the BuzzFeed quizzes of e-shopping! Not only does this make the experience more entertaining, but it also keeps the audience more engaged. According to Gallup, fully engaged customers make up 23% of profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. Additionally, these engaged customers are more likely to be recurring users. They will come back for new quizzes, to see new products, and to search for more gifts.

3. Personalization

As discussed, Buy From AI creates a personal and unique experience every time someone uses the site. Depending on their answers and the AI in charge, the consumer will see different questions and will receive different, curated suggestions. Ultimately, this personalization increases consumers’ interest and their intent to purchase. Specifically, we see a 90% increase in conversions with a personalized call-to-action versus a standard CTA.

4. A Completely New Experience

Altogether, Buy From AI offers a new way of finding products. People have been “shopping” in the search bar for too long, and it’s time to usher in something imaginative and dynamic. With its gamification and its high level of interaction, personalization, and engagement, Buy From AI is not the same ol’ same. This interactive shopping experience will draw in consumers and have them coming back again and again with curated recommendations and exciting, fun quizzes to take.

Currently, Buy from AI has one shopping experience launched that’s focused on shopping for men with a bot named “MrBot”. Eventually there will be several different bot personalities focused on diverse demographics / customer types like “BeautyBot” for Women’s beauty products, “NerdBot” for gaming and tech products, and perhaps even “VSCOBot” for those girls looking for the right scrunchie or shorts to wear. There are many possibilities to explore with this interface and we are excited to explore them all.

This entire interactive AI shopping experience was built using our Smart Convos platform and convopage UI. By syncing our conversational landing page UI and Shopify drop-shipping API, people are now able to buy straight from an AI personality. If you own a Shopify store and are looking to make an interactive and personalized experience for your customers to discover products curated for them, ask us how to setup a convopage for Shopify!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself or learn more, check out our the Buy from AI site. You can also follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to stay up-to-date!

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