Smart Convos Leadership Judges Coca-Cola Innovation Program - Smart Convos

Danielle Major, CEO and Amanda Bieger, COO, were honored to be invited to be judges at the Coca Cola Innovation Contest. This annual event gives Coca Cola employees the opportunity to present innovative ides and “disrupt Coke.” Since the Coca Cola team wanted experts on disruption and startup hustle, they came to the company that is disrupting Display Advertising with Conversational AI.

Coke’s LEAP Innovation program is truly fascinating. It was a privilege to not only participate and judge, but to be in the think tank room inside one of the biggest brands in the world. – Danielle Major

The LEAP Innovation program was quite a sight to see. They challenged their mid-level employees to find a problem, create a solution, build a MVP and then pitch it – IN JUST 1 Week! Our CEO Danielle gave them advice on the process of building their MVP’s on day one. She shared that every problem has a solution, and that solution must be hypothesized and tested. Questions to ask yourself include: Is your solution plausible? Is the problem your solving big enough? How will your solution effect the world as a whole, or industries all together?

She also discussed how to pitch and what to focus on during their 7 minute pitch. They were advised to tell a story while also being concise, to-the-point and focused on the problem / solution. As an avid “pitch practicer” (from Atlanta Tech Village) she even shared her 30 second pitch for Smart Convos as an example of a basic startup business pitch.

We wish we could tell you more about all the great ideas the teams brought and they judged, but we can’t! Out of 5 teams there was 1 winner, and this idea was truly disruptive, not only for Coke as a brand but for the environment and beverage consumption all together. Let’s hope we see it come to life within the company in the next few years, it would be game changing.

Thanks for having us Coke, see you again soon at the SUMMIT Innovations program in September!

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