We offer several different AI powered products such as chat bots, conversational advertisements and more. Our R&D department is working hard day and night on the newest AI technology, and we’re always brainstorming ways to bring out the best for your business.

Artificial Intelligence Products

A few of our products are highlighted below, feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your next project!

“AI Powered Chat Bots for Business”

This division is focused on chat bot technologies and applications for business. We provide solutions for sales, customer service and e-commerce that are powered by artificial intelligence to increase your profits. Our bots can be beneficial for any industry and hook into several different CRMs, APIs and other applications to allow for limitless possibilities.

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“AI for Advertisement & Marketing”

Our newest AI tech allows you to combine chat bots and online display ads (also known as banner ads) to create a conversational advertisement or ‘Convo Ad’. This creates a whole new field of AI that has massive potential to impact the ad industry. Your company can join our network today and be one of the first businesses to use this tech.

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“Let’s Make Every Image, Ever”

What started as an ‘out there’ thought and discussion one night has now started to become a reality. This is a pioneering project that digs deep into the science of computing and the power of AI. For example, we believe that if developed correctly, our random image generator could show you images from the past and the future. Did we mention that it’s ‘out there’? 🙂

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