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Communication for the Community: We’re Here for You

Communication for the Community: We’re Here for You

“Business as normal” currently seems like a distant dream. Indeed, recent changes have turned many of our daily routines, jobs, and activities upside down. And it’s not clear when things will turn right side up again. As a result, each day brings a wave of new questions, worries, and uncertainties. Thus, open and clear communication is more important now than ever before, and we want to offer you a helping hand.

To help you, help others, we have two special discounts:

  1. For community-focused charities and non-profit organizations, we’re offering all our services free of charge until the end of 2020.
  2. For small businesses and startups with ten or less employees, we’re offering 50% off all our subscription packages for 6 months.

And if your small business or startup is part of the Local Atlanta Startup ecosystem (like ATDC, ATV, Techstars, The Farm, TechSquare, and more), you qualify for the 50% discount regardless of employee size. With these AI communication tools, we hope to support your team and the work you’re doing to support the community. We want to empower your teams to work smarter and do more.

How Our Tech Can Help

As mentioned, many people are facing new questions every day, making open and clear communication more important than ever. With our communication tools, you can be there for your community 24/7 through a virtual assistant. Whether you add a ConvoBot to your homepage or make a crisis-specific ConvoPage, our AI can answer questions 24/7. Also, since you can update the AI script at any time, you can keep your community up-to-date on any changes. Furthermore, your virtual assistant can point your community in the right direction. This will save them time and hassle during an already stressful time.

Equally important, our communication tools will help your team work more effectively. With the AI bot answering questions and pointing users in the right direction, you and your team can avoid inbox overload. This also ensures that your community isn’t waiting on answers from you, putting less stress on your team. Additionally, our tech helps you streamline the communication process.

Finally, these tools help you provide a personalized experience to every visitor. Just like communication, a personalized experience is more important now than ever before. Your community wants to feel welcomed and appreciated, and a tailored experience can help you achieve that. With the world feeling like it’s upside down, this personal touch could make all the difference to your community.

Reach out

If you believe our tech can help your company during this time, you can reach out to us at or fill out the Contact box at the end of our “Communication for the Community” page or use our convobot here. You can also register for a 14-Day Free Trial on our “Features & Pricing” page, and we’ll apply a promo code to your account.


How an AI Chatbot Will Help Your Business In Critical Times

How an AI Chatbot Will Help Your Business In Critical Times

During times of uncertainty, businesses can quickly become overwhelmed with calls and emails from their customers or clients. It can be difficult to keep up with this staggering amount of questions, concerns, and requests. At Smart Convos, we want to support your company and ensure you stay connected to your consumers with our AI chatbot, called the ConvoBot.

How Having an AI Chatbot Will Help Your Business in Critical Times

Our AI chatbot works like a virtual assistant. In other words, it can answer your consumers’ questions 24/7 and help them find what they’re looking for. As a result, it could reduce the number of emails or calls you’re receiving in these critical times because the chatbot has already helped them. This gives you more time to focus on other things. Additionally, the AI “assistant” will save your customers time and frustration. Customers are likely already frustrated due to all the uncertainty. The lack of a quick response or easily accessible information will likely only make them more frustrated. With the help of the ConvoBot, they can swiftly and easily find the information they need without the hassle of browsing the entire site. Accordingly, this also improves your customer experience.

Furthermore, the AI chatbot helps you determine what your consumers are looking for and focus on helping them. During a time of uncertainty, your consumers and clients may be looking for different information than they normally would. You may also have new, unexpected website visitors during this time. Regardless, by viewing the chat transcripts, you can ensure the necessary information is readily available. Moreover, you can customize your chatbot’s transcript at any time. If you find that your visitors are searching for something different, you can easily upload a new script. Once again, this can help reduce frustration and point consumers in the right direction.

No matter what, Smart Convos will always believe in the power of conversation. An overflowing inbox or voicemail can be overwhelming, and we want to help ensure that you’re able to stay connected with your customers and answer their questions through these times. For this reason, Smart Convos is reducing the price of our platform to small businesses and startups, as well as, waiving fees all together for Non-Profits and Charitable organizations for the next 6 months. Learn more about our “Communication for Communities” program and You can find out more about the product on our website, or you can schedule a time with us to learn more.

Improve Customer Experience with ConvoPages

Improve Customer Experience with ConvoPages

Customer experience is critical to your company’s success. Positive customer experiences can help you stand out from your competitors, build a positive brand image, and boost sales. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for an excellent customer experience. With this in mind, it’s important to invest in ways that can improve your customer experience; and our ConvoPages can are doing and proving that.

Provide a personalized experience to all your visitors

“Oh look! Another landing page, great…” This is what most consumers say when herded to a landing page after clicking on an ad or social media post.  It’s usually the same experience, you see a large slideshow, a couple bullets of information and a submission form, woohoo. Well, at Smart Convos, we want to turn that whole experience around entirely. By using conversational AI, we’ve created ConvoPages, an interactive landing page powered by AI Chat. Its a split screen view of chat on one side and images on the other. Depending on what your customers talk about in the convo, they’ll see different images relative to what they are asking about.

Whether you want to use a ConvoPage to suggest products or services or to gain survey knowledge about your customers, each interaction with the page will be personal and unique. As customers interact with the conversational landing page, it will provide a curated and personalized result. This personalization improves customer experience in several ways.

Conversational Landing Page

First, it saves them time and hassle when searching for what they need. The ConvoPage will point them in the right direction, reducing frustration and the chances of a poor customer experience. Additionally, personalized product or service suggestions make buying easier and more trusted. Indeed, there is a 90% increase in conversions when you use personalized call-to-actions (CTAs) versus standard CTAs. And, in general, personalization creates a better customer experience. Customers enjoy receiving curated results that fit their needs, especially when they can get those suggestions quickly.

Gain insightful data about your customers

When creating your ConvoPage, you build your own quiz or talking form with a custom Q&A script. This allows you to ask the right questions and gets your customers talking about themselves and the products or services they need. In fact, on average  84% of people engage when visiting a conversational landing page and, on average, 56% are willing to give away data for personalized products.

By having a conversation about the products or service you are selling, you’re gaining valuable insights on the audience you’ve set to focus on. If people keep asking the same question, or demanding one particular product then you know what is in demand and can apply that data to your next marketing and advertising campaigns. This data, in turn, can be used to improve your customer experience in the future. For instance, a survey on your ConvoPage could help you find specific ways to create a better customer experience. Or, if you’re suggesting products, you can discover the most popular items and always have them in stock. Regardless of how you’re using the ConvoPage, this customer data is extremely handy in improving customer experience. This information—stats, conversation transcripts, and user data—can be accessed 24/7 through our dashboard.

Offer an advanced technology that stands out

Smart Convos AI Powered Conversational Landing Page

Conversational Landing pages like the ones we offer here at Smart Convos are a new type of technology most people haven’t seen or interacted with before. Brands like FENTY and IPSY use personality quizzes to offer more custom picked products, but its done in a multiple choice click-through fashion, ours are more dynamic through interactive AI chat messaging and imagery.  Because of the nuance of these pages, it has lead to lower bounce rates on average with our customers. Instead of the average 70-80% bounce rate for regular static landing pages, our customers see around 35-55% bounce rate.

Overall, ConvoPages offer a great way to improve your customer experience. People love talking about themselves and getting personalized results for e-commerce, customer service and general information. It gives your visitors a personalized experience and collects insightful data from their conversations with the AI that you can use in the future.

You can build your own ConvoPage by using our platform, or maybe you want us to help build you a convopage? we can do that! Reach out to us at If you’d like to see one of our ConvoPages in action, go take our AI CELEBRITY QUIZ at . You can learn more about our ConvoPages (and our other products) in our “What is Smart Convos?” blog.  Thanks for reading!



What is Smart Convos?

What is Smart Convos?

At Smart Convos, we are working to create AI solutions for businesses. We have dedicated ourselves to creating products that start a conversation with your customers, increase engagement, and make those customers happy. You could say that we are crazy for conversations.

Currently, we offer ConvoBots, ConvoAds, and ConvoPages.

Smart Convos ConvoBot AI Powered Website ChatBot


Over 50% of consumers say it is important for a business to be reachable and to respond to their messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it is nearly impossible to have someone available at all times to respond to consumers’ questions or concerns. Accordingly, this can lead to missed interactions and irritated customers. With a ConvoBot, you do not have to worry about missing these engagements. In fact, the ConvoBot increases engagement by making it easy for consumers to communicate. Not only does our ConvoBot use a familiar interface with a keyboard chat, but it also easily allows visitors to schedule appointments, speak to a representative, or find the answer to their problem. As a result, you can get leads, gain sign-ups, and find out what your customers truly want.

Furthermore, our ConvoBot improves customer experience. As its increasing engagement, the ConvoBot also helps users get to the right page, saving them time and hassle when browsing your website. It also makes them feel cared for because there is “someone” always available to respond to them. Over time, this can help you build better relationships with your customers.



While static display ads are boring and tell customers what to buy, a ConvoAd asks them what they want and helps them find it. Undoubtedly, this helps you interact with your audience. Like the ConvoBot, our ConvoAds utilize a familiar interface that makes it easy for users to engage. Instead of asking them to click on the ad, the ConvoAd gives them an opportunity to speak their mind or get instant recommendations or answers within the ad itself. Ultimately, this makes it more fun for the users to interact with the ad. This more interactive ad also gives you the chance to show your brand through your questions and tone.

Additionally, our ConvoAds allow you to convert through the ad and receive valuable survey and data leads. By asking the right questions, you can find out more about who your customers are and what they want. You can view every user transcript, analytics, data, and more, and these insights and leads can be sent directly to your CRM. Overall, conversational ads, like our ConvoAds, are shown to increase engagement by 87%. See our Gather ConvoAd Live DEMO and talk to one yourself!


conversational landing pageConvoPages

With our ConvoPages, you can provide a personalized experience for every visitor. Whether you customize the landing page to suggest products or services or to gain survey knowledge, each customer will receive a unique experience when answering your preset Q&A script. Specifically, if you are suggesting products or services, this personalized experience makes buying easier and increases intent to purchase. As the customer answers questions, you discover what your customers really want. Then, you can provide curated and personalized product suggestions that makes buying more trusted and increases likeliness to purchase. Indeed, there is a 90% increase in conversions with personalized call-to-actions versus standard CTAs. Moreover, ConvoPage’s personalized experiences help with improving the customer’s overall experience. By offering them personalized suggestions, you save your customers time and hassle and can offer solutions 24/7.

Our ConvoPages also increase engagement. They provide an alternative to the typically static landing pages and capture the visitor’s attention. In fact, 84% of people engage when visiting a conversational landing page, and these pages have an average bounce rate of only 16% (out of 1,000 visits).

How does it all work?

We make it easy for businesses to enable AI. All our products are “no-code” solutions that any web designer or marketing professional could implement themselves. For instance, it is easy to build your conversation flow and ask the right questions in your ConvoBot, as shown in our YouTube tutorial. Creating a conversational campaign for your ConvoAd or setting up your ConvoPage are also simple and require no coding! Additionally, you could profit from offering these products in your business.

Do you have any questions or want to learn more about our products? We’re happy to help! Schedule a time with one of our conversational experts to get a FREE overview of our technology or reach us at

4 Reasons Marketing Should be More Conversational

4 Reasons Marketing Should be More Conversational

Picture yourself at a party, trapped in a one-sided conversation. The other person does not give you a chance to get a single word in. Still, you listen anyways before they move onto the next person. Then, someone else starts up a conversation with you, one where they engage you with questions and let you take part in the chat. It leaves a greater impact on you.

Marketing works in a similar way. While one-sided marketing is still an effective tool, here are four reasons why marketing should be more conversational.

1. It drives user engagement.

A one-sided conversation doesn’t allow for much engagement from the other person. For instance, very few people interact with standard display ads, a one-way form of communication. In fact, these ads have an average click-through rate (CTR) of only 0.05%. Marketing that is more conversational, on the other hand, makes it easier for consumers to engage with your business. Instead of asking users to click your ad and travel to another site, conversational ads allow them to interact within the ad and get responses in real time from a chatbot. Our ConvoAds also use a familiar interface with a keyboard chat, so users are able to easily answer your questions.

Additionally, conversational ads make it more fun for users to engage. The questions in your ad can give customers a chance to speak their mind or find out more about your company without the commitment of going to a different site or completing a survey. They also receive the satisfaction of instant responses.

2. It provides you with specific data.

By being more conversational, you receive more information from your customers. Even if the CTR was high for display ads, there’s very little data collected in that single click. In comparison, conversational marketing allows you to ask the right questions to get more of the data you need. For example, with a ConvoAd, you can ask questions that help you learn more about who your customers are and what they want. Then, their answers can be analyzed by your team.

3. It builds relationships through the interactions.

These conversations also allow you to build relationships with your customers. Like the party example, being more conversational leaves a greater impact on people than a one-sided conversation. For instance, a standard display ad may deliver your message, but it does not do a great job of building a relationship with that consumer.conversion rates landing pge

In comparison, a ConvoAd provides a personalized conversation that can make your customers feel more appreciated. Furthermore, with an AI powered chatbot on your website, like our ConvoBot, you have the opportunity to create a relationship with every visitor. More importantly, if you collected any contact information during the conversation, you can strengthen that relationship in future messages.

4. It directs users in the right direction.

In most cases, users visit your website with a specific question in mind. With a ConvoBot, you can help customers find what they’re looking for and direct them to the right page. This will save your customers time and eliminate any frustration that may come from browsing the site for too long. Accordingly, this can shorten the sales cycle. Conversational ads can also direct users in the right direction. With a ConvoAd, you can ask what the user is looking for and help them find it in less time.

Looking to offer more personalization and experience to your customers?  Have a web design or marketing agency and are looking to offer more advanced solutions? We can help! Schedule a time with one of our conversational experts to get a FREE overview of our technology so that you can LEARN HOW TO MAKE THESE YOURSELF!



Conversational Advertising is Here, and You Can Do It

Conversational Advertising is Here, and You Can Do It

Making Advertising More Conversational

An advertisement that you can talk to? It sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s actually a reality that’s possible today. Conversational AI is making a splash on the internet and users are loving it. Chatbots can provide 24 hour service; 64% of internet users say this is their best feature. As a method of interacting with businesses, chat has a 73% satisfaction rate. So, what is holding your company back from implementing this vital technology? Nothing!

At Smart Convos, we are focused on making it easier to speak directly with your customer. When we first developed our conversational AI, we knew this was something that could be game-changing for marketers and advertisers all over the world. We also knew that marketers and advertisers are busy, and don’t have time to learn complicated new systems or spend hours in meetings with vendors. That’s why we created our easy-to-use Conversational AI Platform.

Conversational Advertising Platform

Build Your Own Chat Powered Ad

It’s a self-service solution that you can use to inject conversation into your advertising and marketing efforts. Our user-friendly dashboard takes you step by step through the process of creating a conversational advertisement. Simply input your goals and budget, upload your creative, and tell us what you want your bot to be able to say. We quickly review what you’ve written for quality control, and within 24-48 hours your conversational advertisement is ready to start talking to your customers.

With this program, you can create your own conversational campaign and quickly get it out in front of your audience. The code can be used through any Demand-Side Platform (DSP) that allows third party ad tags, or we can distribute it for you to a network of DSPs through our partnerships with industry leaders. You’ll be able to see results quickly too: campaigns using conversational advertising have seen up to an 87% lift in engagement. Within our platform, you can also A/B test different creative, scripts, and more, to see what your customers prefer.


Get more engagement and datasmart-convos-conversational-advertisements-platform

Finally, display ads can be something more than just wallpaper. With Smart Convos, display ads can talk back, and get to the root of what your customer wants. Using our bots, you can tailor conversations to your customer’s needs with personalization that makes them feel seen and heard. Individualized calls-to-action convert at a rate that is 202% better than a standardized ask. You can use the information that your customers give you to inspire them to connect and purchase.

Messaging is the most used form of communication in the world, therefore chatbots are the future of business. It’s predicted that within the next two years, 85% of consumer-to-business interactions will be handled by bots, rather than human agents. Your company can be in on the next big thing in advertising right now. Visit to start your free trial today!