What We Do

Smart Convos, Inc. is an Artificial Intelligence Solutions company for businesses that provides AI powered marketing, advertising and sales services.

What We Do

Our Mission and Goals

To provide the highest quality service and technological applications to businesses around the country with Artificial Intelligence.

Help create a new of interacting with customers through sales and customer service outside of traditional methods.

Bring digital (aka banner) ads back to life with AI conversational advertisement techniques.

Push the power of AI and new technology to it’s limits along with bringing non-traditional products into the marketplace.

Benefits of Our Services

Conversational Commerce

The are over 1.82 billion people on the globe currently using messaging apps. Today’s generation likes quick and easy solutions, anything that can save time. By offering a messaging channel to your customers, you have now extended your companie’s reach into the market of messaging users.

Conversational Lead Generation

When a visitor come to your website, your chat bot will greet them and offer assitance. Our AI that has been taught your sales pitch, promotion, services etc and will guide them through a series of questions such as name, email, phone number and services needed.

Ease of Use for Customers

Anything that saves people time is always beneficial. AI chatbots can significantly reduce a customers time to make a purchase, set an appointment etc. Instead of perusing through each page to find information, they can go directly to the bot to get information and accomplish what they needed.

Streamline Your Operation

Make things run smoother for your business with integrated automation. By using our AI applications you can hook into your softwares like mail chimp, salesforce, paypal, google calendar etc.

Grow Trust with Your Customers

By having a chat window available you allow your customers to ask questions and get to know your company better 1 on 1. This experience leads to your customers feeling happier being heard and given individual attention to their needs

Save Money on Customer Service

Using AI and Technology in place of human interaction has proven to dramatically reduce costs for a business’s customer service department. On average, companies are seeing a decrease of 30%* and a steady climbs in service.