Smart Convos Team

Who We Are

Smart Convos is a small team of programming, marketing and design professionals pioneering their way into the Artificial Intelligence industry. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and accelerated by the best places and people in the city.

Our Vision

Advertising should be conversational

Smart Convos believes that the future is conversational. People want real, genuine and informative conversations everyday. Brands should be focusing on having more quality conversations with their customers. These conversations will help fuel better customer experience and brand loyalty.

Display ads are highly disliked by consumers. This is a fact. What are agencies and brands doing about them to turn that around? We hope to offer that solution with our ConvoAds technology.

Our Team

Danielle Major

Chief Executive Officer

Danielle is the mouth of our operation, and voice of our mission. If you’ve had any contact with us, you’ve probably talked to her.

She is a creative driven person, with excellent communication skills that always ignites an amazing conversation no matter where she is.

  • 8 years of Front-End Development and Marketing Experience
  • 2x Entrepreneur
  • Has played drums since age 12
  • Favorite Band: Radiohead


Daniel Major

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel is the brains behind our whole operation, quite literally. The initial idea of the company and foundation of our mission all started with him.

He fell in loving with programming at a young age. At 8 years old he learned QBasic, and hasn’t stopped learning since.

  • 14 years of Full Stack Development/span>
  • 2x Entrepreneur
  • Coded first video game at age 13
  • Favorite Band: Duran Duran

Amanda Bieger

Co-Founder | COO

20 Years of Corporate and Freelance Design & Web Development experience.

Leads business operations and management.

Kimberly Qualls

Director of Marketing

Emory Goizueta School of Business Graduate


Business Development Advisor

David Lightburn

President / Co-Founder of Atlanta Tech Village

Marketing and Sales Advisor

Derrick DeCarlo

Digital Ad Tech Leader / Consultant

Marketing Tech and Business Development Advisor

Jacqui Chew

ATDC Director and Marketing Yoda