Who We Are

Smart Convos is a small team of programming, marketing and design professionals pioneering their way into the Artificial Intelligence industry. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and provide AI solutions to companies all over the world.

Smart Convos Team

Our Vision

Smart Convos believes that the future lies in Artificial Intelligence systems. Whether it’s in automation, communications, or advertising – the possibilities are endless. Our company is dedicated to exploring everything AI has to offer and discovering how it can benefit business owners and users all across the globe.

We’ve developed a chat bot and AI advertising network capabilities (with ConvoAds), but we also are working on many other things in our R&D departments such as a random image generator. Smart Convos envisions a future where AI is aiding businesses to not only increase sales, but work as one with employees to build new ways of relating to and engaging with its customers.

Why Choose Smart Convos?

Smart Convos, Inc. has been working on and building its AI applications for many years.

  • We love what we do

    A passion for AI and new technology is what drives us, it’s what gets us going each morning. This shows in our work and helps us create innovating new AI products, leading to increased profits for your business.

  • Our technology rocks

    Staying at the forefront of new advances in AI is one of our main goals at all times. Utilizing existing technology while mixing in completely new ideas is standard here, and we’re not afraid to ask for help within the industry if needed.

  • We get the big picture

    While Smart Convos is a team full of talented AI programmers and developers (aka nerds) – we also have a strong background in marketing and business. This helps us understand your bottom line, which can be pretty rare in this industry.

Conversation Bot Scientist